Is The Time Right Now?


“Is it the right time to…” is often the first question when people call us about buying or selling real estate. While the market has been good recently, the answer is not an automatic “Yes.”
My first response is that “It depends” and this leads to a discussion about the needs, wants and concerns that prompted the inquiry. With a better understanding of the individual’s situation, I can offer appropriate recommendations. While I can’t cover every scenario in this space, I would like to offer a few examples that are common to illustrate the process and how that leads to a decision.
First time buyers – Building equity and establishing a place to call “home” are the most common goals of this group. Considerations to make include potential changes in the next 8-10 years such as children and jobs, as well as the lifestyle benefits due to home ownership. If indicators are positive, now is definitely a great time to buy, as there are good homes and financing options available. For those less certain about employment, family and commitment to maintenance needs, the answer might not be as clear.
Selling and buying – This combination involves many possible scenarios. A good discussion about what is generating the interest, and future goals help us to evaluate whether the time is right. If so, this process also leads us to develop a strategy to make the process as efficient as possible. When now isn’t decided to be the best time, we also include identifying what would have to change to make it right.
Selling only – Life changes often result in a need to sell a house without buying another. In these cases, our strategy shifts to evaluating market value and making recommendations about repairs and improvements that will improve salability of the property.
So what do these all have in common? Glad you asked, here are some key points to consider:
• Real Estate is usually the biggest financial investment you will make.
• The decision whether to buy/sell should be based on what is best for you and your future.
• Developing a realistic plan by evaluating options and risks will help you achieve your goals.
Good news! I have a proven record of helping people buy and sell real estate in the Wisconsin Rapids area. That is important for you as this allows me to help you to determine what is right for you and your situation, and work with you to make the process be as “Fast, Fair and Hassle Free” as possible. Please contact me to discuss your questions or concerns with no hype, pressure or commitment.
Buying, selling, or just wondering, my commitment is to focus on your wants and needs with: “Customer Care beyond Compare!”
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